Homestay Application

  • Por favor marca a que viaje y destino te has apuntado.
  • Please fill this application out IN ENGLISH and provide as much information as possible. We will give this information to your host family so they can learn more about you and contact you.
  • Formato de fecha:MM barra DD barra AAAA
  • Please put the STUDENT'S number, not the parents'.
  • Please put the STUDENT'S email, not the parents'.
  • Please list any allergies, dietary restrictions and medications that you take.
  • Are you outgoing or shy? Active or relaxed? Sporty, artistic, etc.?
  • Choose your interests:
  • List any other interests/hobbies not on the list. What are your favorite things to do in your free time?
  • If you like sports, which ones do you like? Do you play on a team or just for fun with friends?
  • Do you play an instrument? What type of music do you like to listen to?
  • Tell us about your family. Do you have brothers and sisters? How old are they? Do you have pets? What do you and your family like to do together?
  • Check all traits that apply.
  • Have you travelled abroad before? Where to and was it for vacation or to study?
  • Write a short letter to your future host family introducing yourself, giving them a little more information about yourself and thanking them for hosting you!

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